Do you want to build an extra income source? If yes, you can think about creating a Shopify store. Through different online marketing methods like Shopify online store, you can develop an additional income stream to add to your current beauty business.

With the Shopify platform, there are various ways to make money. You need to explore different ways and find the one that is perfect for you. Here are different ways:

Start an eCommerce store

One of the best and popular ways of making money on Shopify is by creating an eCommerce store. Using this platform, you can set up an online store without hassle. On your online store, you can sell whatever you want. It could be something you have made, or something you are reselling, or even your services.

Affiliate marketing

In the field of digital marketing, affiliate marketing is gaining popularity. It is something through which you can make money without having your own products or services. Shopify has its affiliate marketing program, which allows you to earn money per successful referral. So, the more sellers you bring to the platform, the more money you can make.


Dropshipping is another online business model that is gaining popularity nowadays. Under this business model, you do not have to manage the inventory at your location and go through shipping & fulfillment. Under dropshipping, you will be outsourcing the shipping and fulfillment of orders made through your online store.

Social media

Do you have a huge social media following, but you are unsure how you can monetize that? If this is the case, Shopify can be a great platform for you. With Shopify features and integrations, you can sell products/services from your social media platform by adding “buy now” links to the posts.

These are some really amazing ways to create an extra income source through Shopify!



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