Custom wigs are constructed using Pretty Professional Luxury Hair Extensions.
Current turnaround is only 10 Business days.
Please plan ahead of time. Turnaround begins once order is placed and measurements are received. Measurements can be taken in salon or at home use the steps bellow and submitted with deposit for your custom wig

Please read over your desired wig requirements to make sure that you are ordering the correct wig! Any incorrect orders are delayed up to 1 week.

All custom wig services include the construction of the wig, bleached knots, hairline customization, desired parting, and basic styling.


1. The circumference of your head
2. Temple to Temple around occipital bone (round part of head)
3. From hairline (front) to nape (back) of neck.
4. From ear to ear across the nape of the neck.
5. Hairline from side burn/ edges to side burn/ edges across forehead. **(Required for frontals)
PLEASE NOTE: If you need additional assistance please contact us for help before placing your order to ensure it’s correct.*



When measuring your head please make sure that your hair is laying as flat as possible to obtain the most accurate measurements. Using a flexible measuring tape measure your head at least 3 times for consistent measurements. 



  1. Circumference 21 - 21.75
  2. Front to Nape 13.5 - 14
  3. Ear to Ear Across forehead 11
  4. Ear to Ear Top Head 11.5 - 12
  5. Temple to Temple Round Back 14 - 14.5
  6. Nape of Neck 4.5


  1. Circumference 22 - 22.75
  2. Front To Nape 13.5 - 14
  3. Ear To Ear Across Forehead 11.5 - 12
  4. Ear to Ear Top Head 11.75 - 12
  5. Temple to Temple Round Back 15 - 15.5
  6. Nape of Neck 5 - 5.5


  1. Circumference 23 - 23.5
  2. Front to Nape 14.5 - 15
  3. Ear to Ear Across Forehead 12 -12.5
  4. Ear to Ear Top Head 12 - 13
  5. Temple to Temple Round Back 15.5 - 16
  6. Nape of Neck 5.5 - 6


1. Select your desired style below or pick MY STYLE to design your own unit and add it to your cart
2. Add the necessary Hair Brat extensions needed to complete your unit from the wig description to your cart
3. Add custom color or cut if your style doesn't already have it and you desire that service
4. Take proper and accurate measurements and add it to the  Please leave special instructions below: box on the cart page to ensure quickest service
5. Double check you that you did steps 1-4 correct and now you are ready to check out! Thank you for your order. You're going to love your custom Hair Brat Wig!!

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