Its an Add to Cart Type of Day... How I Got Started Selling Online!

Where do I begin? It's a crazy story because I didn't exactly set out to sell online! I decided to start selling hair extensions because the demand was there from my clients so in 2012 I started Hair Brat Luxury Hair brand and began selling virgin hair from my salon suite in Tampa, FL. That was going good and very soon I started to get inquiries from customers in other states which was surprising to me. That's when I decided to start selling online. Only issue was that I didn't know much about running an online business and I quickly found out that it's a little different than selling in person and there is more that goes into it like having a great store and supportive site to make it as easy as possible to conduct business. I tried many other platforms and Shopify has been the best! It's rather easy to figure out and navigate. I get a lot of compliments on how amazing my store looks as well as it being a great website where I can provide information like here in my blog format. I just love it!


Once I started selling online I knew it was the place to be along with watching how others conduct big business online allowing them to make money even when they are asleep. I can't think of too many things better than that good ol' sleep coin. Can you?? My small boutique luxury hair line is still growing. I plan to begin to scale and expand the brand in the near future. Although I do have an online presence, most of my current visitors are people who are close to me and current salon clients. I have taken the time to develop an amazing marketing plan and will be getting Hair Brat Luxury Hair Extensions and Beauty Supplies in front of more potentials clients. Its been a long time coming but I feel that now the time is right!

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