Are you not sure whether you should purchase any Shopify plan and build the online store? Here we will talk about one of the reasons why you should build an online store using Shopify. 

Depending on the plan you select, Shopify provides you different integrations, extensions, and apps. Using various options, you can customize your online store and add your desired features. In your Shopify store, you can add products from your social media feed without hassle.

For example, if you have added your product posts on your Instagram or Facebook handle, you can seamlessly add that social media feed on your Shopify store website.

The good thing is, you do not have to mess with coding. Depending on the app you use, the features will differ. Shoppable Instagram Feed and Facebook & Instagram Auto Post are the popular Shopify apps. Using any of these apps, you can easily create a shoppable feed for any social media account. Then you can tag products and customize your ‘buy now’ button. Depending on the app, it might support social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

 Once you add products from your social media platform to your store, you do not have to worry about adding new products manually when you publish new content. Your new Instagram feed content will be added automatically to your website.

It’s up to you how you want to add the settings. Depending on your requirements, you can automatically add new products or approve each post manually before adding them to your site.

 So, this is another great advantage of building an online store with Shopify. Using the right social media feed app would give your website an appealing look and avoid the hassle of manually adding products to the website.

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