The Best Preparation for Natural Hair Before a Sew in Service

It’s just hair, right? It is but it isn't and it's a lil more to it than you've probably been doing to prepare for a sew in service. However once you follow these few simple steps you'll see some amazing results. Lets keep it as simple as possible! I may use some terms you have heard of before and some you may not have. Don't overthink it, I'll break it down for you. 

The first thing you always need to do when it comes to natural hair is detangle! This is probably the most important step. Detangling your hair eliminates a lot of wasted time and tugging on your precious hair. Once the hair gets wet its too late. Never wet natural or relaxed hair that has not been thoroughly detangled!

Next you should pre-poo. Pre-poo is a treatment you add to your hair prior to adding shampoo, hence the name PRE-POO! Its purpose is to shield natural hair from being stripped during the shampooing stage. It also helps to collect the dirt in the hair. 

Now its time to shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly. Cleansing and moisturizing is very important to do before any service, especially a sew in. You want to treat any issues you are experiencing before braiding your hair and applying the extensions.

Hair should be free of tangles and completely dry prior to your braid down. I use the All in One Dryer to do both at the same time. It saves time and strands. It’s hands down the best detangle tool and it glides through the hair while drying it!


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